Dick Clark

It is a truly sad day for me to learn of Dick Clark’s passing.

I first met Dick Clark when Gary and I performed Pac-Man Fever on American Bandstand. I remember hearing that famous voice in the hallway and not believing I was actually on the show. He came in our dressing room, introduced himself and sat down. He discussed what we would be doing on the show and asked a couple questions to use in the interview segment. Gary and I just stared at him and were speechless. I remember he said, “Hey guys it’s TV you gotta talk.” That got a laugh and eased up some of the pressure but we were clearly in awe of him and scared stiff.

I grew up watching Dick Clark on American Bandstand every afternoon like most kids in the 50’s and 60’s and to actually be performing on his show was surreal. He wasn’t just a celebrity to us he was the ultimate in our business. Being on American Bandstand was the true mark you had made it to the top.

He played our song on his national radio show, placed our song higher in his charts than Billboard did and featured our album in his K-Mart store promotions. He was very good to us and we never forgot it.

Dick Clark was the consummate pro and a real gentleman. He will be missed

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