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We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!santa_g1


A Rotten Tomatoes article recalls “the “Pac-Man Fever” that gripped the nation in the early 1980s” in this movie review of the 1982 animated feature, “CHRISTMAS COMES TO PACLAND.”

If you want evidence of the “Pac-Man Fever” that gripped the nation in the early 1980s, look no further than this Christmas special, a spin-off of the Saturday morning cartoon series about the munching yellow orb and his continuing adventures fighting off a quartet of cranky ghosts. This holiday extravaganza sees Santa Claus crash-landing in PacLand; St. Nick has no idea where he is, and the video game characters (including Mrs. Pac-Man — she must have ditched the “Ms.” along the way — and their offspring Baby-Pac) don’t know Santa, but our heroes nonetheless help the jolly old man repair his sleigh, thus, y’know, saving Christmas.


We had a great time at Florida Free Play. Hung out with our friends Walter Day, Richie Knucklez and Billy Mitchell along with some new friends. Here are some pictures from the show.

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Link to nice article in the Orlando Sentinel about my appearance at Free Play Florida. I am looking forward to being there! – Jerry


I’ll be appearing at the “Free Play Florida” game convention on Saturday 11-22 in Orlando, FL. If you are in the area stop by and say hello – Jerry


“Pac-Man Fever” heard on iHeart Radio tribute to Casey Kasem!


I want to thank David Bishop, Namco V.P. and Pac Man for accepting my video game recognition award at the Video Game Trading Cards & Posters Exhibition in Fairfiled, IA on Saturday. I also want to thank Walter Day, the man personally responsible for this award. I feel very honored.  – Jerry


I want to thank Frank McKay for having me on his syndicated radio show, “Turning Point.” I had a great time talking about songs and the music business. The show is set to air at a later date. Check out Frank’s website for info on dates and times to catch the show.  -Jerry


I had a great time at the Southern-Fried Game Room Expo on Saturday. Got to meet a lot of new people. Hung out with David Bishop (Namco VP), Billy Mitchell, Richie Knuckles and of course Pac Man! A special thanks to Preston Burt for inviting me. It was a great event. I hope to be back next year!  -Jerry

Hanging out with Pac Man

Hanging out with Pac Man

Pac Man (Jessica Bishop) Jerry & David Bishop

Pac Man (Jessica Bishop)
Jerry & David Bishop



Two new “1 Hit Wonders Shows” uploaded.

Eric Stevens, producer of “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” and R&B legend Eddie Floyd talks about his hit “Knock On Wood” and other great Stax records stories.

Link to Eddie Floyd interview: Click Here

Link to “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” interview: Click Here 


“The  1 Hit Wonders Show”

click here :

As co-artist on a record that is labeled a one-hit-wonder (“Pac Man Fever”) I realized most people had no idea of the other successful projects that Gary and I have worked on in the entertainment business. Knowing that is true of many other artists labeled one-hit-wonders I thought it might be interesting to interview them in a relaxed conversation with behind-the-scene stories about their hit record and other projects they are a part of. Perhaps a better title for the show would be “More Than A 1 Hit Wonder!”
Whatever title fits I think you will enjoy the shows. Please check them out -Jerry


Pacman Fever 30th Anniversary CD Release It was 30 years ago that Pac Man Fever was released and quickly became a worldwide hit. In that time the song and album has continued to sell and attract new fans around the world. We want to thank all of you who have purchased the album and the many great comments we have received from you over the years. Click here to buy from for $9.97 plus shipping Because of the ongoing interest with the album we decided to release a special 30th year anniversary version with commentary on the writing and production of the songs. Each song is featured in its entirety followed by a repeat play of the same song with commentary. There is also an introduction with some background on how and why we wrote the song along with a never before released interview with Gary made shortly before his untimely passing.

Listen to a sample of the commentary tracks with play button below! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it! Click here to buy from for $9.97 plus shipping


Also here on the website we have posted a montage of clips from The American Top 40 countdown show with Casey Casum, The National Music Survey with Dick Clark and an interview with Charlie VanDyke on the Weekly Music Magazine show. These clips are from 1982 and reflect the impact of the video game craze spreading across the country at that time.  

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